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  • All videos are $18.99 each
  • Since we offer so many videos on our site it would be a huge undertaking to use length based pricing, so we decided on using flat based pricing no matter the video length. Whereas it may not be so great when a video runs under 10 minutes, it's a great value for videos running upwards of an hour or more.
  • Yes you will need to open an account. Once you've done so all your info is saved, which will make it very easy to make additional purchases. To open an account simply click on the "Create a free account" link in the upper right hand corner on any page of our site and follow the prompts.
  • At this time we do not offer rentals, only full price purchases, which you will have the option to stream or download.
  • Once you purchase a video you will have permanent access to stream or download the video. Anytime you are signed into your account you will see your purchased videos at the top of our homepage.
  • Absolutely not. We closer monitor and receive daily reports of unusual account actively and if you are caught sharing any video or your account with others your account will be terminated and you will loose all access to any videos purchased without warning.
  • We add new videos on the first of each month.
  • These videos are just a teaser for what is coming on the first of the upcoming month to give you a general idea of what is upcoming. On the first of the next month these videos will become available for purchase?
  • Yes, every video has a 15 second randomly selected preview and will generally have at least 10 to 20 photos to give you a general idea of the video content.
  • Rather than taking the time to write a description, we generally let the 15 second video preview and photos describe the video to you. Why? Two reasons, first, the are only so many ways you can describe a match and second, with the time we save not writing out descriptions we can use that time to add more videos for you to choose from. Additionally the category placement of a video can also give you a description of the content, such as "Chubby Matches", "Asian Chickfights", "Foxy Boxing", "Nude Wrestling" etc.
  • We intend to, but that's a large undertaking. We opened the site with over 1000 videos and will be adding dozens more videos throughout each month. So check back often for more videos of the stuff you like.
  • If you want any item you see on this website on DVD you will need to fill out our credit card form.

    Simply cut and paste this link into your browser to use the form. (Please note this link does not work with the Apple Safari Browser)


    Simply select that you want to purchase a DVD and include the EXACT title(s) of the item(s) you wish to order along with your shipping address.
    You can enter as many titles you like in one trasnaction.

    Please note shipping is $2 per DVD within the United States and $8 for orders outside the United States.

    You can also order any video on DVD by mail by sending your check or money order to:

    R. Butcher
    P.O. Box 2641
    Chino Hills, CA. 91766

    Or phone in your card info into our 24 hours customer service line at 714-717-7915
  • Yes you can add funds to your account at any time by clicking on your account in the upper right had corner of our website and then just follow the prompts to add funds which will stay in your account until used.
  • You can visit us at Rockin-Roxanne.com where you will find over 7,000 videos. You can also instantly purchase or stream about 2,000 videos at FemaleFightFlix.com
  • We do not offer volume discounts at this time. However, the Rockin-Roxanne.com website does still offer volume discounts, but it does not offer immediate downloading.
  • In most cases, if you request us to add a video currently not offered on this site, but is offered on the Rockin-Roxannne.com site, just drop us a note and we'll usually add it for you. Just send us an email from your the message link in the upper right hand corner of our site (You must be signed in to do so).
  • If you have a question not addressed here please send a message by signing into your account and clicking on the message link in the upper right hand corner of the website.